Sunday, March 11

Testing ...

I thought I'd try a NeoCounter on this blog (I have Sitemeter on Vintage to Victorian). It'll be interesting to see if anyone visits!

Bit of a jumbly week here - the following list is the only organisation in my world at the moment! As you'll see, its contents are quite a jumble:
  • decorating the new bathroom and picking the wrong colour initially
  • emulsioning over the rather bright kitchen walls in Mum's new house and not being able to decide on the right colour(!)
  • collating wedding acceptances
  • finding someone brave enough to climb a ladder to renew the seal round the bathroom window that was letting in the rain
  • looking for a wedding outfit for Mum (unsuccessful)
  • wondering what on earth I'll find for me and everyone suggesting it's time I started looking (less than 2 months to go!)
  • trying to organise my new space at Dairy House Antiques (with difficulty - hadn't realised how much stock I had)
  • emptying nearly everything out of the garage yesterday to make space. Two tip trips later (mostly empty cardboard boxes!) nearly everything has gone back in, but I now know how much additional saleable stock I have! And most of it needs either washing, scrubbing, polishing or mending! I found P's saws buried at the far end - unseen since we moved last July. He had to buy another one last week for an urgent job and now look - 4 of them!
  • making a double trip to Clark's Village at Street for card for my business cards - bought the wrong thickness first trip and jammed the printer! Luckily it's only 6 miles away
  • painting another wall of the hall and still hoping to finish the whole house before the wedding

Apart from the above life has been relaxed, quiet and uneventful!

I was tempted to take some photos yesterday, but the jumble is far too embarrassing!


RUTH said...

Think your blog title is brilliant....I have many a Fuzzy Jumble day!

Clare said...

Hi Sue, it's now 18th April and I think you have achieved all that - and more besides - haven't you?! Clare x said...

hi sue, reading your list makes me laugh to myself! thats how the past few weeks have been for me,quite manic at times,but you get there in the end,and its great that you can still joke about it all,best wishes ann.

Racheal said...


Fuzzy Jumble sounds like my life and many others I am sure.

Love the blog

Racheal x