Thursday, July 5

All Jumbled Out ...

... I think I need to put Fuzzy Jumble on hold for now. Whether I've sorted out my brain or just don't have time, I haven't written anything here for ages. However ... for those of you who like to keep up with the goings on of this life of mine there's plenty going on at Vintage to Victorian, so please pop over to my main blog. Hope to see you there!

Sue x

Tuesday, June 19

Waiting for something to happen?

In the blurb at the top of this blog I've suggested you watch this space. I hope there's no-one out there still watching, because I realise I haven't written a post here since March!!! Sorry, folks!

However, Vintage to Victorian has been quite prolific and if you've looked at my other blog you'll know how much of my jumbled list of things to do I finally achieved.

Suffice to say the house got decorated, the garden didn't get dug (was that on the list?), the garage is in as much mess now as it was before (or even worse as I've been opening the door and cramming more stuff in in recent weeks), the wedding came and went and we all had clothes to wear. You'll probably have read about Mum's fractured arm which was, thankfully, the only thing that caused havoc at the wedding!!! In fact, reviewing the list, I see that the only thing not addressed is Mum's kitchen. Still only one coat of the wrong colour on the walls although a tin of the right colour is lurking somewhere in our garage waiting to be put where it belongs!

My brain is as jumbled as ever - or more so! So much to do ... so little time!! I can't believe that when I was a child events like Christmas took for ever to arrive. H's wedding came and went and I nearly missed it. It's almost the longest day and I expect I shall miss that, too. I had a 50th birthday over seven years ago but that only seems like yesterday. Weird world, isn't it.

May your lives be slightly less jumbled than mine, but full of as much enjoyment. I'm happy with my lot ... most of the time!

Sunday, March 11

Testing ...

I thought I'd try a NeoCounter on this blog (I have Sitemeter on Vintage to Victorian). It'll be interesting to see if anyone visits!

Bit of a jumbly week here - the following list is the only organisation in my world at the moment! As you'll see, its contents are quite a jumble:
  • decorating the new bathroom and picking the wrong colour initially
  • emulsioning over the rather bright kitchen walls in Mum's new house and not being able to decide on the right colour(!)
  • collating wedding acceptances
  • finding someone brave enough to climb a ladder to renew the seal round the bathroom window that was letting in the rain
  • looking for a wedding outfit for Mum (unsuccessful)
  • wondering what on earth I'll find for me and everyone suggesting it's time I started looking (less than 2 months to go!)
  • trying to organise my new space at Dairy House Antiques (with difficulty - hadn't realised how much stock I had)
  • emptying nearly everything out of the garage yesterday to make space. Two tip trips later (mostly empty cardboard boxes!) nearly everything has gone back in, but I now know how much additional saleable stock I have! And most of it needs either washing, scrubbing, polishing or mending! I found P's saws buried at the far end - unseen since we moved last July. He had to buy another one last week for an urgent job and now look - 4 of them!
  • making a double trip to Clark's Village at Street for card for my business cards - bought the wrong thickness first trip and jammed the printer! Luckily it's only 6 miles away
  • painting another wall of the hall and still hoping to finish the whole house before the wedding

Apart from the above life has been relaxed, quiet and uneventful!

I was tempted to take some photos yesterday, but the jumble is far too embarrassing!

Sunday, March 4


I have a tune in my head which won't go away - the Lloyds/TSB advert with the people with long noses. I love their faces, the music and the whole caboodle. I think P is getting fed up with my saying 'I love this ad' every time it comes on. But heyho, he's married to me - it goes with the job! He'll have to live with it ... until the next one!

Do you have a particular favourite? Old or current?

Friday, March 2

A New Day - A New Blog

I'm not too sure what I'll be posting here, but I think the name says it all. I have so many things going on at the moment that everything is a Fuzzy Jumble and my mind is flitting from one thing to the other and I just have to hope that I end up in the right place at the right time with the right things in the car, or wearing the right clothes! Time will tell.

I started my other blog here in September 2006 and have had tremendous fun getting to know you all. With luck I shall have a website up and running by the end of this month or the beginning of next, but it all depends on what sort of a jumble the next few weeks become. I have to make time for photographing and writing descriptions for all the vintage items I will be offering for sale, and that takes time!

I hope you'll pop by from time to time and for your sakes I hope there'll be something interesting or amusing to look at. Thanks for getting this far - and my apologies for the jumble of colours on this blog. I may change them or I may change to a different template. It will all depend on the fuzzy jumble that is my brain!